The Power of People

Lockdown inspired life-lessons Stereotypes are often so for a reason – they reflect a long-observed truth. And when it comes to young men being relatively ambivalent about the power of genuine human connection and its impact on mental well-being, it’s hard to argue to the contrary. As a 25-year-old male, when Melbourne’s COVID-19 social distancing […]

A hero’s journey: 30 days without social media

Six point five hours. That is how much time I was staring at my phone. And that’s on average. Per week. Pandemic or not, it was time for an intervention. The idea to halt my social media activity came very soon after I received a notification on my phone a couple of months ago. It […]

Learning to embrace a new future of work

*8:00AM* Monday morning. My iPhone alarm prompts me to take the five steps from bed to desk before I am fully awake. Another seamless commute. Within five minutes, I’m dressed for the day. Collared shirt for the camera, track pants and Uggs for hidden comfort. Coffee in hand, I comb through overnight emails. This working […]

Three lessons from starting my career #WFH

When I began my role with Porter Novelli earlier this year, I had four weeks in the office with my new colleagues. It was a fast start with the PN team. I enjoyed the vertical learning curve, working on a range of projects and learning the art and science of communications. However, our office ‘normal’ […]


In the latest instalment of Purpose Premium from Porter Novelli and Quantum Market Research – using data sourced from 1,535 Australians from March – June, we can Australians have doubled-down on our 2019 Purpose Premium findings. We want businesses to take direct action, rather than lofty “purpose” statements. Australians will support companies who concentrate on […]

“What do you mean, the label doesn’t say it all?”

Food fraud at your dinner table You might have read the statistics. Food fraud costs the food industry more than $69 billion every year. Testing reveals one in five seafood samples are mislabelled around the world. Up to 10 per cent of global food trade is subject to fraud. And so on. But what does […]

Can wool and grapes ever get along?

Australia’s agriculture research and development corporations aren’t known for playing well together, so when word gets out that all 15 RDCs will be in one room in Canberra, anyone in agriculture who loves a brouhaha should be buying a ticket.   Wool, wine, grains, cotton, dairy, meat, meat processing and live export, plus eggs, horticulture, […]

Leveraging your personal LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn account is often one of the first results that appears when you Google your name, yet a startling number of professionals have an incomplete profile.  

The real fakes on Instagram

Real Fakes on Instagram

Influencer marketing isn’t going away anytime soon – a recent survey commissioned by The Exposure Co found that almost 40% of Australian consumers are more likely to purchase a product endorsed by a blogger or influencer.